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Amazon barcodes and GS1 US GTIN

How can I buy a GS1 GTIN barcode for a Amazon listings?

A GS1 US GTIN is the key to unique product identification. It’s a unique number issued by GS1 US that identifies a single retail product in the supply chain. When you license GTINs from GS1 US, your company is also identified as the sole brand owner of that barcode.

To learn more about licensing a GS1 US GTIN, watch GS1 short informational video.

Where Can I buy just one barcode?

If you are unsure of the number of GTINs/barcodes you may need for your retail products, use the Barcode Estimator tool.*

How to Add a GTIN to Your Cart: 

  • To the right, enter the Brand Name associated with the GTIN/barcode that should appear with the description of the product. The brand entered here will be listed as the brand name associated with the product in our GTIN Registry. (If your product falls under a brand that is different than your company name, be sure to identify the Brand Name with the Product Description on the right. There will be a place to provide your Company Name during checkout.)
  • Enter the Product Description associated with the GTIN/barcode that should appear in our database. The Product Description helps retailers and marketplaces to know more about your product.

Repeat for every GTIN you want to add to your cart. The maximum number of GTINs/Barcodes you can add in a single transaction is 9. If you need more than 9 GTINs, you might want to consider licensing a GS1 Company Prefix.

When you’ve added the desired number of GTINs to your cart, click on the cart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to complete your checkout. Be sure to provide the full, legal name of your Company as you complete the checkout process – This is the name of your Company that gets registered with the GTIN.


CostAnnual Renewal Fee
GS1 US GTIN/Barcode (1)$30None

There are no annual fees associated with a GS1 US GTIN.

When your company licenses a GS1 US GTIN you will also receive a free subscription for one user to GS1 US Data Hub® | Product, an online tool you can use to add additional product information, create barcodes and share your product information. You will also get a free subscription for one user to GS1 US Data Hub® | Location, an online tool you can use to identify, manage and share your locations.

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